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Jet Jackson, Chiropractor, Murfreesboro, TN
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Steve Nutty, Buford, GA

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Rachelle and Patrick Merchant, Castle Rock, CO


Rory Morgan

CEO -Brand Lab Media 
This is the section where the author writes in the 3rd person and pretends to be very important. Rory is literally the coolest person that Rory knows... He lives in Loveland, Colorado. When he's not creating killer advertisements for one of his almost 40 professional clients he spends time in the outdoors with his wife and 3 boys.
Kolowski Chiropractic, Loveland, CO
"It blew us away!"
Dr. Mike Peterson, Chiropractor, Pueblo, CO
54 New Patient Inquiries including 34 phone calls in 48 hours, and 175 inquiries in a month!
Medspa, Denver, CO
150 incoming inquiries for Coolsculpting every month!
(Picture shows less than 1 week worth of incoming leads)
Medspa, Colorado springs, CO
As many as 18 Coolsculpting leads in 1 day!

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